No Greater Pain tells the story of mothers coming to terms with the grief of losing a child to violence. The pain that these mothers feel has left them with concerns for their well being, concern for their future as mothers and at times doubts with their faith. The documentary explores how one mother, Dorothy Johnson-Speight, lost a son to senseless violence and summoned up the courage to build a community of women to fight the violence within Philadelphia.

On a cold night in December 2001, a murder took the life of Dorothy Johnson-Speight’s 18-year-old son Khaaliq, who was gunned down over a parking space in Philadelphia. Chillingly, Khaaliq’s killer was on the run for a crime he committed earlier that year and just two blocks away, the murder of Ruth Donnelly’s son Justin. What is the pain of losing a child? Enter the lives of five mothers who have lost their loved ones to senseless violence. Their story, set in Philadelphia, tells of loss, grief, and sisterhood that transcend all boundaries. How can this violence be stopped? Witness these mothers rise from the ashes of their deepest pain in order to achieve a safer community in No Greater Pain.

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